Yoga and Homeopathy both share many fundamental principles and they both complement each other enormously. They can both be used to achieve greater levels of health, harmony and wellbeing.

They both work to increase and unblock the flow of energy by utilizing the energy currents and energy centres of the body. In Homeopathy we call this energy the Vital Force or vital energy and in Yoga it is called Prana, but they are essentially the same things, just with different names (in Chinese Medicine it is called Chi). Homeopathy and Yoga both understand that the harmonious flow of this energy through the body is what actually governs and maintains health within the physiological body.


In Yoga, posture (Asana), breath control (Pranayama) and body locks or seals (Bundas) are used to navigate this subtle energy through what the Yogis call the Nadis. Nadis are subtle energy channels that surround the physical body through which Prana or the Vital Force must pass through to ensure physical, mental and emotional health.

In Homeopathy through our remedies we aim to unblock or increase the flow of Vital energy. We do this by matching the state of the person to the corresponding remedy. The energetically active remedy then works on a vibrational level to re-balance the flow of energy. It is when the energy flow is low or when it is blocked that dis-ease occurs. This is universally recognised by not just Yoga and Homeopathy but Chinese Medicine and most other systems of medicine. It is only Western orthodox medicine that omits this flow of energy from it’s understanding of the human body and in doing so it is neglecting a vitally important component of health.

The reason for Homeopathy’s success in India is due in part to the Eastern philosophical mindset. Both Homeopathy and Yoga are practical ways of achieving a union of body, mind and spirit. In doing so you will not only free yourself of dis-ease but you will increase your levels of vitality and well-being. They can both be utilized in the process of self-transformation.

Though of course both systems are powerful healing systems in their own rights, together they present a powerful tool to the individual to overcome disease in the body and mind and potentially a faster, more effective way than if used in isolation. Thus at Kalp we make use of this fantastic combination to impart speedy recovery to our patients.

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