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Zeel Shah

A Case of Recurrent Allergic Tonsillitis

My daughter Zeel Shah is being treated by Dr.Kinjal Shah at Kalp Clinic. Her medicines has suited her immune system for allergies and tonsils. We started visiting Kalp clinic since May 2013. Previously she was often down with fever or redness in throat , as often as once in 10-15 days . But now that frequency has reduced to only twice in a year. We are very happy with the line of treatment & the results. Doctor is easily accessible to our calls, in case emergency like fever or sever throat pain. Zeel also enjoys Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak’s company , visiting them & loves having their pills. I do not have to force her to take medicines or to take her to clinic ( which was tough task previously when we were following modern medicine treatment). Best part is their judgement is usually very accurate regarding my daughter, She can now eat all her favourite chocolates ,ice- creams etc. & I am very very Happy with the results.
Ushpa Baldhua

A Case of Chronic Bronchitis

Dear Dr.Palak Shah My association with homoeopathy is since 1972. I had Kidney stone & with homoeopathic treatment stone passed out of system. Even hereditary eczema was cured by homoeopathy. Recently my bronchitis problem was cured by you. Many small age related problems also got cured & I feel much better now. Thanking you. -Ushpa Baldhua
Krish Shah

 A Case Of Atopic Dermatitis

It was very good experience we changed from allopathic to homoeopathy , we saw very good results in krish’s skin disease was also cured. Dear Dr.Kinjal We Got Very Good Result with your medicines and treatment , which allopathic medicines could not do over period of 3 years. We Are Very Satisfied With The Doctor At Kalp Clinic Thank You Dr.Kinjal Shah. - Purvi Shah  ( Mother Of Krish Shah) Home Maker  


Keyur Seta

A Case of Migraine

 Few years ago, I was suffering from severe Migraine. After every week or two, I used to get Migraine attacks accompanied by vomiting. This used to result in 2-3 days bed rest for me, during which I would hardly be able to eat anything. I used to take allopathic medicine and even injections but there was no cure. This is when I visited Kalp Clinic after somebody suggested. After just initial few weeks, my acute Migraine disappeared. Along with it, my other health issues also started subsiding. What sets Kalp Clinic apart is the patient lending of ear by Dr Kinjal Shah, which is as good as counselling & self awareness. - Keyur Seta Professional Writer
Mrs. Jigisha Shah

 A Case Of Chronic Urticaria

We are very happy with treatment given by Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak At Kalp Clinic I was suffering from urticarial itching since one and half year , had tried many allopathic doctors also 8 months homoeopathic treatment before visiting Kalp clinic in year 2011. I was cured of urticarial itching completely in 5 months period, and itching started reducing in the week I stated medicines of Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak. Me and my husband both are very happy with the results. And now my entire family visits them only for treatment. -Jigisha Manish Shah Homemaker
Mrs. Surekha Patel

A Case Of Allergic Rhinitis With Recurrent Sinusitis with cervical spondilitis

 I Mrs.Surekha Patel , is under care of Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak since jan. 2015. I was suffering from recurrent cold with headaches and neck pain with body ache occasionally . I was tired mentally as well as physically , could not concentrate on work at all. I was taking allopathic medicines but , it was not helping me for cold at all & rest of the problems used to settle temporarily . gradually my problem was increasing , I could not stand in class for long. It was making me lethargic and tired end of the day. I was becoming irritated. Then as my mother in law was under Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak’s care for eczema of hands and legs , she suggested me to start homoeopathic treatment at Kalp Clinic. I must say after starting treatment with Dr.Kinjal & Dr.Palak I started improving gradually . my continuous problem of cold gradually disappeared in 2 months and over all mentally also I am much better now. My stamina & confidence at work has improved drastically. I thank team of Kalp Clinic. Thank you. Mrs. Surekha Patel Secondary School Teacher Professionally
Sheela Aasharpota

A Case of Chronic eczema with post inflammatory vitiligo.

 My name is Sheela. I am under treatment with Kalp clinic since last 15 months. I am very much satisfied with homeopathy medicines under high valued consultant Dr. Kinjal And Dr. Palak Shah. My skin itching and white patches are much better now & I am very happy with the improvement.

Amisha Mehta

A Case of Hypothyroidism

I am Amisha Mehta and I am taking treatment from Dr. Kinjal Shah since past 2 years. I was suffering with thyroid and hair loss. But the homeopathy medicines prescribed by her cured me. My hair loss problems has reduced over the time providing excellent results. Thanks to Dr Kinjal.

Dhirendra Keshari

 A Case of Lipoma With Essential Hypertention

Dear friends,   The first time I had visited the clinic I was not sure what exactly was to be done. I had heard of homeopathy, but never knew what exactly it is. She started asking me questions which at that point of time sounded bit weird. But then Dr. Kinjal explained very calmly the process of the examination in homeopathy. She asked me some questions which made me feel better. She gave me some medicines which looked like sweet pills. But later she explained me what is it and how it should be taken. I was wondering if it will be of any helpful but later on after some time I found things were getting better. Homeopathy has been part of my life for all kinds of problems it has been very helpful not only to me but also to my whole family. My nephew was told to take inhalers because he had some kind of breathing issues, it was the first time we came to know about homeopathy and now he is perfectly alright and fit. He doesn’t have any problem.  Similarly my brother’s wife also had health issues which was resolved by Dr. Kinjal. My sincere thanks to Dr.Kinjal and her team also my best wishes for the future. Once Again thanks to you. Dhirendra Keshari  Businessmen
Constance Almeida

Family with unshakable faith in Homoeopathy……

Dear Dr. Palak Shah,

I was a strong believer in allopathic medicine, but I must say that thanks to you I have now become a homeopathy fan. You will recall that I had come to you initially for a spur in my ankle which was not healing with allopathic medicine.  But I am almost rid of this problem with your medicine.

I was so convinced with your treatment that I brought my granddaughter Kaelyn Niara Brace, to you for her persistent cough and I am pleased to inform you that she too, within a short time, has almost been cured of it.

I am fully convinced of your proficiency in diagnosis and subsequent treatment and just thought I will say a Thank You to you.

Diana Menezes

A Case of Mucoid Degeration of Maxillary Sinuses

I Diana Menezes visited   Dr.Palak Shah due to recommendation of my mother’s friend.

I started my treatment from Aug 2014 that time , I had severe headache, sneezing recurrently and with her advice I underwent  x-ray-(sinus),which showed maxillary sinusitis.  After 15days medicine I was much better and every follow up I kept on improving.  My recent x-ray (after 15 days) also shows significant improvement.

Now I am completely okay. Thank you very much doctor.

Bharti P. Shah

My faith in Homoeopathy & doctors at Kalp

I have started homeopathy in 1987 my  1st  Dr. was a homoeopathic lady doctor at Vile-Parle. I had lots of problems with my stomach & vertigo. But everything  was well taken care of  with homeopathy medicines. My son has also knee problem (cellulitis in knee)  for water in knee it's also cured with it.

 Now I started medication with Dr.Kinjal for my B.P. & cholesterol many others problems . in 8 months I was off all statins and anti hypertensive medicines. Since then for all my health issues , I believe in  only on my Dr Kinjal .She is my jivadori (life line) of my life. I cent percent, have full confidence on my Doctor & homeopathic medicines.

 I just believe in Dr.Kinjal. I have full faith in my Doctors from my bottom my heart.

Thanks you.

Bijal Shah

Thank you Dr.Palak  for sparkling , Glowing Skin ….. thank you Kalp Clinic

I came to know about Dr. Palak through a common friend.  Had approached many doctors for a glowing skin but the results I got through Kalp clinic were amazing. Could see the sparkling difference of skin tone.

 At Kalp Clinic I met Dr. Kinjal, both sisters are good combination as doctors. They substitute each other very well. Both are always available at any odd hours.

Would definitely recommend Kalp clinic as a one stop solution for skin related and other routine problems.

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