What it is?
Hepatitis A is an acute viral infection (from Hepatitis A Virus, HAV) of the liver caused by intake of contaminated food or water (with infected feces). It may also be acquired through contact with an infected person.

“HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) infections account for 1,400,000 cases annually.”
HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) infections account for 1,400,000 cases annually.



Its symptoms-
Skin turns yellowish and sclera (whitening of the eye)
Abdominal pain or discomfort
Pain in the right side of abdomen below the ribs (area of the liver) when pressed
Dark-colored urine
Clay-colored stool

Etiology of Hep-A would be-

The main causes of these abnormal conditions are: sedentary mode of life, especially when associated with a large supply of food; a disproportionate amount of nourishing, fat-making food, hot climate, excessive heat even in our own temperate zone; abuse of Cinchona, Mercury, Alcohol; miasmatic influences; intermittent fevers, syphilis, excessive emotional excitements, continued deep grief, etc. In this class of exciting causes likewise belong all kinds of diseases which impede the circulation in the liver, especially diseases of the heart and lungs, with greatly diminished capacity of breathing. Such chronic affections of the liver are very apt to supervene in individuals afflicted with so-called dyscrasias. As was said before, acute forms of liver-disease are very apt to change to one of these chronic forms. It is a very difficult matter to trace the above-mentioned forms of disease to special causes .

How to prevent/treat Hep-A?

As hepatitis is food-borne, care should be exercised when preparing food. Make sure the food you eat or give Your children is prepared in a hygienic manner and is not contaminated.
Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any food.
Cultivate in your children the habit of washing their hands before eating or handling any food and after using the toilet.
Consult a physician once hepatitis A is suspected.

A person with hepatitis needs to have plenty of rest, increase carbohydrate, and decrease fat and protein intake
Hepatitis A vaccines are now readily available. Have you and your child vaccinated.

Homoeopathic medicines like lycopodium, chelidonium, baptisia etc. are known to cure hepatitis when selected on basis of similimum.

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