Kalp Clinic – The Perfect Combination of Cure & Care

Kalp is named after Kalpvriksha – a tree that used to fulfill people’s wishes in ancient India. Taking cue from it, we believe in enriching our patients’ overall well-being through holistic healing instead of curing just his or her symptoms.

“Kalp” is also derived from amalgamation of both our consultant’s names.

We are well established homeopathic practitioners in India, since 2010 Successively treating more than 1000 cases of all various diseases Including Gastric Disorder, Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney Diseases, , Eczema, Psoriasis, Alopecia, Arthritis , Gynaecological And Child Disorders.

We believe, in Holism, the part cannot be cured without consideration of a whole.

You have come here to get cured. Cure of the whole of you i.e. body , mind and spirit. Kalp clinic is designed in a way to cure your illness, to promote the healing process. 

We work by motto of providing utmost quality treatment, in most gentle way. Our mission is to provide you the perfect combination of care & cure. Here you will find, the right atmosphere, a place of calm and peace, where the real work of treating & curing can happen with the best that Homeopathy can offer you.

Broadly speaking, in era of 21st century , modern or urban life brings its share of negative emotions like anger ,stress, jealousy, frustration which is followed by illnesses , also Clinics are generally looked upon with fear, uncertainty and stress, no matter how posh they are. But this is where Kalp Clinic differs from the rest.  Here homoeopathic treatment ensures wiping off such negative aspects from our patient’s psyche & Ensure them cure as a whole.

Use of technology, paperless and eco-friendly functioning of the clinic are among some of the highlights of Kalp clinic besides it‘s quality care & peaceful clinic environment. We have system of appointments for all cases, new and follow ups. We request you to co-operate with us, for our mutual benefit. We are sure  that you will enjoy the experience of being here and will appreciate the benefits of the system of working.

The clinic is located on ground floor, in Shankar lane road touch, posh area of Kandivali west, Mumbai. Easily accessible place, from both S.V. road as well as link road, has a warm ambiance, which provides a peaceful environment & soothing feeling to the patients. we are the best Homeopathic Treatment Doctor, and Homeopathic Doctor For Diabetes in Kandivali, Mumbai.

We also have an international Branch of our clinic at 46,St.Crispin’s Court, Mansfield,Nottinghamshire, UK. NG185GL