Dr.Kinjal shah-experienced homoeopathic consultant, practicing since 14 years, has done masters in Homoeopathy. She is a Certified silva mind control & stress management graduate (USA –Texas affiliated) and a Certified Yoga Trainer from Patanjali Yog Institute -Haridwar .

Her Specializations includes –

i) Homoeopathic Consulting – Homoeopathy is 250 years old science, originated from Germany and based on Individualism. She is practicing homoeopathy since 5 years. She is trained under renowned homoeopathic doctors during her internship & M.D. tenure.
She has done master’s in homoeopathic philosophy with dissertation on “Scope Of Homoeopathy In Cure Of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases- Ulcerative Colitis & Crohns”.
She has successfully helped many patients overcome Chronic Pain, Asthma, allergies, Skin Conditions, Depression, Addiction, Thyroid disorders, Hormonal problems, arthritis, Acidity, IBS,IBD, Kidney problems, cancer, etc., to Emotional Disorders, Tragedy, Trauma, Loss, PTSD and Stress & Anger Management, ADHD, Dyslexia, Create purpose driven careers and helped people in changing their lives for better with homoeopathy.
She does various medical awareness camps for lower socioeconomics , attached with MDDS Trust & various organizations.

ii) Stress Management –
stress management is one of her passion, she provides easily adaptable solutions for managing your stress after understanding your lifestyle. With her combined knowledge of Homeopathy, yoga and Mind control – she believes that a holistic approach is necessary for managing any stress.
Has helped many patients from different backgrounds viz finance, corporate , media, writer etc. – managing their stress beautifully.
She has recently ventured in to stress management training for corporates.(videos in gallery).

iii) Mind-Body connection –
which explains that we create every so called illness in our body. Our body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell in our body responds to every single thought we think and every word we speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors and postures and “eases” or “dis-eases”. She has been involved in many aspects of the subject including clinical practice, lecturing, awareness write ups and public speaking. She has given talks at Aakash-wani radio on modern lifestyle, Arthritis & it’s management, etc.

She is active socially in medical fraternity as well as in community business forum , last year organized successful launch of Zalawad Business Forum Women’s Wing – WOW. She is associated with Jain Doctor’s Federation , Mumbai . Being active member of JDF , was Organizing Secretory of JDYCON 2015 Jain doctor’s youth conference 2015, conducted on 1st of March 2015, at Patkar Hall, New Marine lines.

Dr. Palak Shah


Dr.Palak Shah

Dr.Palak Shah is consulting Homoeopathic doctor, having 12 years of clinical experience in treating various acute & chronic diseases with homeopathy. Her specialization is in Pediatrics. She has a special interest in treating various child disorders and skin diseases. She has successfully helped many children overcome various diseases like recurrent common cold, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear affections, atopic tendency, febrile convulsion. Children’s disorders like, ADHD, autism, behavioural problems, anxiety. Skin diseases like allergies, Urticaria , psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, alopecia, hair fall, vitiligo , fungal infestation, Atopic dermatitis, Acne(pimples) and Hormonal problems like PCOD. Homeopathic Hair Fall Treatment in Kandivali, Mumbai.

Chronic Pain due to arthritis, acidity, digestive problem, Kidney problems. She has worked with renowned M.D. consultants of skin & paediatrics in Mumbai, during her internship tenure. She is trained clinical cosmetologist from Indian Institute Of Cosmetology.

She is pursuing her training as an Anthroposophic Physician from Eugen-Kolisko- Academie, Germany and has worked with many international doctors in the same field. She has attended CFC, IPMT and IRA. At present, she is practising Homoeopathy medicine in UK and Mumbai. Having a clinic named KALP CLINIC. She also does online consultation for international patients. She was attached with renowned charitable clinic as a homoeopathic consultant & does medical camps on charitable basis for spreading awareness about homoeopathy.

She takes seminars on parenting tips and child development for parents as a community education program. She is associated with Jain Doctor’s Federation (JDF) , Mumbai . Being active member of JDF , she has compiled and edited e-souvenir of Jain doctor’s youth conference JDYCON 2015.

In past, as a Senior college council member she has conducted many cultural and scientific events.