The wise say : a good laugh & a long deep sleep are the Best Cures

Not sleeping enough and not sleeping well is not OK. As a matter of fact, there is quite a price to pay. It may surprise you to learn that chronic sleep deprivation, for whatever reason, significantly affects your health, performance, safety, and pocketbook.

Sleep is important for our Minds and Bodies to function normally. Many people know very little about how important sleep is and some even try to get by with little sleep.

An internal biological clock regulates the timing for sleep children & adolescents need 9-11 hours of sleep while adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. When we sleep less ( even one hour less), we develop a “ sleep debt”.
Sleep debt can have several short term consequences like sleeplessness, poor concentration, inability to think and process information, stressed interpersonal relationships, occupational injury, road traffic accidents .

In long term it weakens your immune system. Untreated sleep disorders are associated with numerous medical illnesses including high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, mood disorders.

Fortunately, many natural techniques can help you restore your sleep…

Keep a fixed bedtime: this will help your body get into a sleep rhythm & make it easier to fall asleep & get up in the morning.

Establish a bedtime routine: put your work away at least one hour before bed to give your mind a chance to Rest . Unwind by taking a hot shower, reading a soothing book instead of watching TV or sitting in front of the laptop.

Food intake: Include high protein feed like cottage cheese, seafood and poultry in your dinner. This provides the tryptophan needed for your melatonin & serotonin production for sound sleep. Eating a fruit post dinner helps the tryptophan cross your blood brain barrier. Avoid before bed snacks rich in sugar, which raises your blood sugar and delay sleep.

Beside journal: if you often lay in bed with your mind racing, it might be helpful to keep a journal and pen down your thoughts before bed.

Turn to homoeopathy : Homoeopathy is a holistic science. It not only treats the illness but the cause. Sleep and energy levels are the first to improve in any patient when treatment begins. Homoeopathy, when used to treat sleeplessness, is neither habit forming nor does it have any withdrawal effects and is safe to use. The body repairs all wear and tear in sleep, thus improvement of quality and quantity of sleep is of utmost importance for safe, gentle and permanent cure to take place.

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