Ano-Rectal Fistula

‘Fistula–in-ano’ is an inflammatory track which has an external opening (secondary opening) in the perianal skin and an internal opening in the anal canal or rectum, which is lined by unhealthy granulation tissue and fibrous tissue. It is classified as low level or high level fistula depending on whether the internal opening is below or above the anorectal ring respectively.

Ano- Rectal Fistulas

Ano- Rectal Fistulas

It usually originates from a perianal abscess in the inter-sphincteric space of the anal canal from infection of the anal gland; other causes include Ulcerative colitis, Colloid carcinoma of the rectum, Crohn’s disease, Tuberculosis etc. (the last 2 are associated with multiple fistulous openings, TB being more common in India)

Patients generally presents with pain in the perianal region, fever, and/or discharge of pus which maybe bloodstained.

For recovery maintenance of proper hygiene is a must. Bowel habits can be improved to ease pain with intake of a high fiber diet and plenty of fluids. Sitz Bath for 10-15 minutes especially after defecation is soothing and promotes relaxation of anal muscles.


According to dominant modern medicine Treatments, Surgical treatment of the fistula is the only mode of treatment . John Henry Clarke has mentioned in his works that not infrequently it has been observed that surgical correction (or in-correction!) of the disease is often followed by chest ailments (Calc phos, Silica etc.) For the homoeopathic physician, it is a deep seated miasmatic disturbance which demands a homoeopathic similimum.

Our Homoeopathic literature is rich in medicines for ano-rectal fistulas like Calc phos, Silica, Nitric acid, Kali carb, Graphites, Mercurius, Fluoric acid, Sulphur, Syphilinum etc. each having its specific indication to be prescribed according to symptom totality.

as Homeopathy is a holistic healing method that treats the patient as a whole, recognizing that there is no local disease and that “no external ailment, not due to some particular outer injury can arise and maintain its place, or even grow worse, without inner cause and inner involvement of the entire organism (which is consequently ill). They could not appear at all without the consent of all the rest of the economy and without the participation of the rest of the living whole (i.e., of the vital principle pervading all the other sensing and responsive parts of the organism)… the person is inwardly ill before it and while it lasts.”

Therefore, the source of complaints on the external parts, which have not been caused by any outer injury, lies in some internal malady and to pass them off as merely local ailments and to treat them exclusively or almost exclusively with local applications or other such means, as if they were wounds, is as absurd as its results are pernicious.

Homeopathic treatment also serves to arrest supposed surgical cases and finally, if surgery is necessary, it can help in managing surgical cases with pre and post-operative homeopathic medicines.

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