Homeopathy for Thyroid Treatment

This is how homeopathy can support you on your journey with Thyroid!

The thyroid gland is a very significant gland of the endocrine system which is located in your neck and secretes two hormones in the blood. The hormones secreted are thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) is vital for all body cells to function normally. Iodine is the principal building block for thyroid hormones.

You will be astonished to know that this tiny butterfly-shaped hormone gland is responsible for growth, development, and overall metabolism of your body. It has the potential to control and regulate the pace with which cells work and many other body functions.

Mainly thyroid hormones are necessary for neuronal development, maintaining energy metabolism, and reproduction. That’s why it is essential that the thyroid gland must operate normally and produce the requisite amount of its hormones.

thyroid homeopathy treatment Things go wrong with the thyroid gland in certain cases and it causes an imbalance in hormone secretion. Thyroid dysfunction can occur in two ways which are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the gland produces excess hormone while in the situation of hypothyroidism, less than an adequate quantity of thyroxine is secreted. Hypothyroidism is most common among people.

Unfortunately, thyroid disorders are commonly prevalent worldwide. Statistics reveal that approximately 1 in 10 Indian adults are diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This disease is more prevalent in women and commonly affects women between the ages of 18-35. So the question many people ask is, do we have any way to treat the thyroid disease?

Homeopathy has answers to resolve all of your queries. Homeopathy can provide treatment for all types of thyroid disorders with 100 percent efficacy.

Check for the presence of these thyroid symptoms

The foremost obstacle which I have observed in most of my patients is that they experience many signs of the disease but could not understand them. This results in delayed treatment for the problem and more suffering to the patients until the time they approach the doctor. So to overcome this hindrance, I have outlined a few common signs and symptoms of thyroid disorder for your knowledge:


Drastic changes in weight

Problem with digestion or bowel movement

Muscle weakness

Body ache

Sensitivity to extreme temperatures

Issues in conceiving

Thinning hair

  • Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:


Dry skin & hair

Face puffiness

Weight gain


Cold intolerance



Profuse menses

  • Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism:

Hair loss

Protrusion of eyes

Rapid heart rate

Weight loss

Heat intolerance

Scanty menses

Difficulty in sleeping


What causes thyroid dysfunction?

The next question which comes to mind out of curiosity is what are the causes of thyroid disease? Following are some of the general causes of thyroid function which I have listed to put light on the topic:

  • Deficiency of iodine in the body
  • Pre-existing autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto thyroiditis
  • Inflammation of thyroid
  • Problems in the Pituitary or Hypothalamus
  • Certain medical treatments
  • Homeopathy treatment for Thyroid disorders

Best homeopathy doctor for thyroid treatment There can be two ways to handle this problem. One method is supplementing the hormone deficiency or surplus with medications that are followed under conventional treatment. This involves dependency on drugs for the rest of life.

The other, more constructive way is to regulate the thyroid gland function and restore it to a normal state, which is the focus point of homeopathy to treat the disease. Homeopathy provides an effective treatment plan to relieve patients suffering from all types of thyroid disorders. Homeopathy solutions minimize drug dependency and are safe for people of all age groups.

Homeopathy works on the principle of individualization, which considers every person as a unique being and hence requires different remedies for the problem depending on their body constitution. Homeopathic doctors evaluate the degree of damage the disease has caused and then prescribe the right type and dose of medicine made from natural substances to the patient.

Homeopathy is a holistic approach that restores the function of the thyroid glands and allows it to secrete the required amount of hormones in the body. Homeopathy treats the patients without any damage to other body organs and improves health in general.

Homeopathy not only reduces the symptoms of thyroid disorders but identifies and addresses the root cause of it. This way homeopathy provides a long-lasting cure for the disease naturally and safely.

Homeopathy Medicine for Thyroid Diseases

Homeopathy Treatment for thyroid disease after thoroughly diagnosing the case, best suited homeopathic medicines are selected for the patients. I prescribe following natural medicines and herbs to my patients and achieved a good success rate: 

  • Ferrum Iod: 

It is a homeopathic medicine to treat problems of thyroid gland enlargement, inflammation, muscle weakness, skin infections, and cell overgrowth on the body.

  • Amyl Nitrosum:

It is used to cure problems such as dizziness, anxiety, hot flushes, blood pressure, and other similar issues, which accompany hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

  • Natrum Mur:

It provides relief from signs of fatigue, inflammation of the thyroid gland, swelling of the neck, constipation, and boosts energy levels in the body. The natrum patient often craves salty food.

  • Thyroidinium:

It is used for the treatment of hypothyroidism and its associated ailments such as muscle weakness, sensitivity to cold, and weight gain.

  • Lycopus Virginicus:

This herb is effectively used for the cure of hypothyroidism conditions including Graves’ disease and thyrotoxicosis.

  • Spongia Tosta:

This medicine is beneficial for goitre, treating skin infections, swollen thyroid gland, and dryness of the tongue.

  • Ferrum Met:
  • This medicine helps in regulating menstrual periods with less pain. It improves blood circulation, treats headaches, palpitation, and over sensitiveness.

These are only very brief indications of these homeopathic medicines. Before trying any homeopathic medicine, I would suggest you to first consult a good homeopathic doctor.

Some self-management tips for thyroid disorders

Correct your iodine deficiency by eating iodine-rich food

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight

Manage your stress and anxiety with various relaxation methods

Eat sulphur- and phosphorus-rich food

Make a nutritious diet plan for yourself

Consult us to receive appropriate homoeopathic treatment

If you or someone you know is experiencing similar symptoms that I enlisted above, then you can book an online appointment to contact us for consultation.